You lean in for a kiss, and he responds in kind, sensing victory. Instead of your lips, though, he finds your teeth, and you bite down hard enough to draw blood.\n\nShocked, he recoils, and you see your chance. Shoving him as hard as you can, he falls back, knocking over the table as he does. The candle tumbles and rolls, the flame burning just long enough to reach the curtains.\n\nAs they flare up, his eyes widen, and for the first time, you see fear in them. As he's distracted by the fire, you grab the rope, and before he can stop you, you've tied him to the bed. You might not have the skill to tie him up comfortably, but you're not going for comfort. He won't be able to escape, and that's what counts.\n\nThe fire spreads quickly, and before long, the whole room is a blazing inferno. The curtains burn away quickly, revealing a window and through it, an empty street. You could stay here and die in the fire if you wanted, but freedom is just out there.\n\nIt's not a difficult choice, in the end. As you throw yourself out the window, you can hear him screaming. Good, you think to yourself. You got what you deserved.\n\nYou're a little beaten up, covered in scrapes and bruises, but you're alive. You'll recover. You can go back to your normal life now.\n\nOf course, it'll be hard to forget about tonight. But you have to. After all, it's not like anyone will ever believe you.\n\nTHE END.\n\nThere are four other endings! Some happier than others. Play again, and see if you can reach them.\n\nHappy Valentine's Day~
Gathering what little self-control you have left, you reach out, and your hand wraps around the hilt of the knife. Its weight is comforting, grounding. You feel like yourself a little more, and you know you're doing the right thing. Nobody wants to live life as a slave, no matter how good the sex is.\n\nThe blade glints in the weak, flickering light, and a dark smile breaks out across your face as you bring it down on him, ending it once and for all. \n\nAt the last second, the knife turns away, sailing harmlessly past his head. He says nothing, but continues thrusting. There is no lust in his eyes now, only power.\n\nHe continues to fuck you, and despite yourself, you still feel better than you ever have before. He has taken full control of your nervous system, and try as you might, you can't feel anything but bliss.\n\nThe two of you climax at the same time, screaming and moaning loud enough to challenge a rock concert. The force of the orgasm burns through your body, and suddenly, you can feel the pain.\n\nAs your mind is burned up, and your emotions fade to nothing, he brushes the hair off your face once more.\n\n"We could have had something beautiful," he whispers tenderly. "Too bad."\n\nTHE END.\n\nThere are four other endings! Some happier than others. Play again, and see if you can reach them.\n\nHappy Valentine's Day~
With a single, dramatic movement, he lifts you off of the bed, snapping the restraints with ease. Though it's obvious he has no difficulty supporting your weight, he falls back, landing in a chair sturdy enough to hold both of you.\n\nYou're straddling him now, your thighs wrapped around his waist, his arms behind your back. This is no longer a prison, and you're free to do as you please. The freedom is intoxicating, and your mind is filled with images of him.\n\n[[Rip his shirt off!]]\n[[Maybe he'll let me leave now?]]\n[[Get out! Get out!]]
You didn't think it would be that easy, did you? The door is locked, and he's right behind you.\n\nIn seconds, he's on you, pressing you up against the door. You're pinned, but somehow, that doesn't feel so bad. So close to him, you can feel his warmth, his breath, and his scent is ever so intoxicating.\n\n"Where are you going, darling?" he purrs, holding your hands behind your head. His face is an inch from yours, all you'd have to do is move your head a tiny bit...\n\n[[Kiss him.]]\n[[Bite him.]]
Your adventure is about to begin. Are you ready?\n\n[[Let's do this!]]
You make a feint to the left, and he falls for it. As he moves to block you, you duck around to the right, taking him by surprise. He tries to grab you, but you're too fast, and before he can catch up, you've made it to the door.\n\n[[Lemme out!]]
Real life may not be great, but you can't use a fantasy to escape it. You need to get out there and live it, and you're not going to give in to some stupid demon just because he's incredibly attractive. \n\nYou're stronger than that.\n\nAren't you?\n\n[[Uh...]]\n[[I'm not giving in!]]
That kiss is only the beginning, and he follows it up with many more. His lips and hands cover every last inch of flesh on your body, and each touch sends waves of pleasure rolling through you. Before long, you find yourself writhing in pleasure, and he hasn't even taken off his shirt.\n\nAs you melt under his touch, his lips find your ear, and you can feel his breath on the side of your neck.\n\n"I want you," he breathes, and you can hear the desire in his voice, the overwhelming passion. He needs you, and that need claws at you, begging to be returned.\n\n[[How can I say no?]]\n[[Resist, resist!]]
You look around the room once again. Every possible consideration has been taken to ensure this room is your prison. If getting out was as easy as yelling, you'd have been gagged, too.\n\n[[Guess I'm not thinking my way out of this one, then. Might as well wait and see what happens.]]
Consciousness returns to you agonisingly slowly, seeping in and forcing out the drowsiness that currently overwhelms you. As you regain awareness, your eyelids flutter open, blinking in the soft, flickering light.\n\n[[Wha-where am I?]]
You give yourself to him fully, surrending everything you have. The more you give, the better you feel, and he is taking you to places you've never been before. You never want it to end, but your body is starting to shake, and you know you can't take much more, no matter how good it is.\n\n[[So close, can't stop now~]]
You soon realise you're breathing more loudly than you meant to. The sound attracts the attention of the other occupant of the room. He steps out of the shadows, his expression a mixture of boredom and cruel joy. In the flickering light, you can see that he is beautiful - he has the bone structure of the old nobility, the pale skin only ever seen on the very wealthy, and dark, beguiling eyes that see everything.\n\n[[Oh, shit! Gimme a better look at him!]]\n[[Oh, shit! Get him the fuck away from me!]]
You know what? Fine. Do what you want. But don't expect me to help.\n\nYou throw yourself at him with everything you have, determined to finish things once and for all. As you swing your fist around, you think of every other poor, defenceless innocent he's probably seduced before, all those helpless victims. It ends tonight. You'll be the last.\n\nIn your righteous fury, it doesn't even occur to you that you're not as special as you think you are. You don't realise that you're probably not the first person to try this. You don't stop to think that you don't know the first thing about fighting demons, let alone killing them. You don't even know if they can be killed.\n\nIt doesn't matter, because he's too good for you. It's not even a fight, really. You swing, and nothing happens. Your body freezes, completely unable to move.\n\nHelpless, you can't do anything but watch as he circles around you. All pretenses of love and affection are gone now. There is no lust, only hunger. He is a predator, and you're not even dinner. You're a snack.\n\nHe presses his hands against your head. It's gentle, but that doesn't mean there's no pain. It feels as though you're being torn into pieces as he forcibly removes every warm memory, every positive emotion you've ever had.\n\nWhen he's done, he lets you go, and you collapse to the ground. He's taken everything. You don't even remember what happiness is. Hell, you don't even know what neutral is. All you have left is misery, every dark and terrible memory and thought you've ever had. Without the good to balance them out, they'll drive you insane. Already you can feel an inescapable depression creeping in. There's only one way out, but you probably don't even have the courage for that, do you?\n\nTHE END.\n\nThere are four other endings! Some happier than others. Play again, and see if you can reach them.\n\nHappy Valentine's Day~
Every time he thrusts his hips, and you move yours in response, you feel it a little more. It's not just the pleasure, though that's certainly not going away. Your lust is reaching fever pitch, and nothing could make you turn back now, nothing could make you stop. Even still...\n\n[[Tell me, you fucker!]]
"I'm glad you're finally awake," he croons, brushing your hair from your face with delicate affection. "I was ever so bored waiting for you."\n\nHis hand carresses your face, the lightest contact that sends ripples of pleasure through your entire body. His touch is soft, but warm, almost loving.\n\nYou look up at him, and catch his gaze.\n\n[[Whisper, I love you...]]\n[[This has gone far enough.]]
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Your body is charged to the breaking point. You need him, and you need him now. As you meet his eyes, now blazing in the candlelight, you can see he feels the same. His lust spurs you on, and your body seems to move all on its own.\n\nYou can feel him beneath you, hard and ready. You are just as ready, and nothing is going to stop you now.\n\n[[On the bed!|Shit, it doesn't matter.]]\n[[On the chair!|Shit, it doesn't matter.]]\n[[Shit, it doesn't matter.]]
This is wrong. You don't know who he is, or where you are, or why you're tied down. The last thing you need right now is some creep touching you, no matter how sexy he is.\n\nThen he touches you again, and your body responds even as your brain tries to deny it. You want him. You need him. Every part of you responds to him. Except, it seems, your mind, and even that is beginning to falter...\n\n"Tell me you want me," he purrs as his fingers trace your skin.\n\n[[I want you.|Whisper, I love you...]]\n[[Something is horribly wrong here.]]
Valentine's Day
Incubus. The word comes to you unbidden, and you know it's true. He'll drain you, suck the life out of you, and leave you as an empty husk. That's what they do, right?\n\nHe feels so good, though. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad. Nothing that feels that good could be that bad, right? And even if it was, what better what could there be to die? It's gonna happen some day, you might as well be pleasured to death.\n\n[[Submit to him|How can I say no?]]\n[[Not gonna happen.]]
There's no point in resisting. You want him, you know you do, and it's not like you can get out anyway. You might as well enjoy it.\n\nAs his lips meet yours, the feeling is akin to being shocked by electricity, only far more pleasant. He tastes divine, sweet but not overbearing, warm and cool at the same time. The way he moves his tongue is an intricate dance, and it fills you with ideas about where else he could use it.\n\nYour body is already responding, surrendering itself to him long before you decide to. Every touch is like a taste of heaven, every caress like the answer to every question you've ever had. Soon, you can't imagine anything but him, can't feel anything but him, and you don't care.\n\nEvery time he touches you, you lose a little more control. With each kiss, you give a little more of yourself to him.\n\nBy the time he enters you, you've lost any sense of free will. You belong to him, and him alone, and that doesn't bother you. You know things will never change, that you'll be his slave for as log as you live.\n\nBut you don't mind. You'll never mind anything again, unless he tells you to.\n\nBut hey, at least the sex is good.\n\nTHE END\n\nThere are four other endings! Some happier than others. Play again, and see if you can reach them.\n\nHappy Valentine's Day~
As soon as you see him, you can tell he's bad news. One glance can tell you that he's rich, powerful and probably not interested in the kind of fun you can both enjoy.\n\nYou struggle with increased intensity, but fail to do more than tire yourself out. He smiles, amused at your efforts.\n\nYour eyes meet, and a sudden calmness comes over you. You don't know who he is, but somehow you feel like you can trust him. He feems familiar, and safe.\n\nHis alluring scent washes over you, filling your senses. Soon, he is all you can think about, and you realise he is the most beautiful person you've ever seen.\n\n[[Oh, shit! Gimme a better look at him!]]\n[[Nope. Not falling for it.]]
This isn't natural. You've never seen him before, and really, he isn't *that* good looking. And even if he was...\n\nHis touch is poisonous. It's a sweet poison, a delicious venom you could happily drink until it killed you. But it *would* kill you, you realise that all too well. \n\nYou look into his eyes. Those seductive, demonic eyes. He's not human. The question is, do you care? He makes you feel better than anything or anyone, and after this, nothing will ever feel as good.\n\n[[Resist, resist!]]\n[[This is going to be one hell of a night.]]
The room is dark, but you can just make out the door. On the other side of the room. Behind him. Of course.\n\nYou try to run for it, but he blocks your path. Unfortunately, he's bigger than you are, and probably stronger, too. Also, he's a demon. It's not a fair fight. Don't fight him.\n\n[[Fight him!]]\n[[Go around him!]]
Seriously?\n\nNo, he won't.\n\n[[Rip his shirt off!]]\n[[Get out! Get out!]]
Your attempts to move from your position are foiled, and it doesn't take long for you to work out why: your hands and feet are bound, tied to the bedposts. The ropes aren't painful- if they weren't holding you down, you might even find the feeling pleasant- but whatever they're made of, it's too strong for you to break.\n\n[[So, what, I'm just stuck here? He-hey, why am I naked?]]
You're right on the edge of the strongest orgasm you've ever felt when you notice, just within your reach, the subtle glint of a blade. It shimmers in the candelight, calling to you. This could be your chance. This could be the one chance you have to escape this prison, and return to your old life. He's already taken a week, who knows what else you might lose?\n\n[[STAB THAT FUCKER]]\n[[He can take what he wants~]]
You lay perfectly still, quietly focussing on the situation at hand. The bonds are strong, and expertly tied. You won't be able to wriggle or force your way out of them. But that doesn't mean you're helpless.\n\n[[What about the bed?]]
Whatever he's doing to you, it's not natural. Maybe he drugged you. You can't remember anything from the past week. He could have done any number of things. You just need to be rational. Trust in logic and reason, and not what your body wants.\n\nStill, he is incredibly desireable. Just looking at him makes you want him, and you know those feelings are very dangerous.\n\n[[Take me, beautiful man. I am yours.]]\n[[Resist, resist!]]
It's obvious the bed is sturdy, and completely structurally sound. You won't have any more luck there than with the ropes. But that doesn't mean you're out of options.\n\n[[Maybe I could try screaming for help.]]
The closer he brings you to climaxing, the more of yourself you can feel him take. As you fuck, he is draining you, sucking the life out of you. His eyes are truly blazing, and in that moment, you realise it. Whatever he is, it isn't human.\n\n[[I don't care. He's the best fuck I ever had.]]\n[[Resist, resist!]]
You whisper breathlessly as his hand carresses your skin, sliding down your face and across your neck. If he heard you, he shows no sign of it.\n\nA moan escapes you as his hand travels further down, sliding back the sheet as it follows the curves of your body. He seems to know all the right places to linger, his touch perfectly soft and delicate. Though he's done nothing more than touch you, it's enough to drive you wild, and you wonder just how many times he's done this to you before.\n\nHis hand stops at your waist, the sheet now covering you only up to just below your hips. As his head begins to move down towards your stomach, your back arches up to meet him.\n\n[[Well don't stop there! Keep going, dammit!]]
The man is tall, thin and perfectly built. His dark hair sits perfectly around his face, contrasting his pale skin elegantly. A strong jawline gives him an edge of masculine strength, while his long, delicate fingers entice you in quite another way.\n\nHe is wearing little more than a half-buttoned shirt and well-fitted trousers. They are arranged in such a way as to leave very little to the imagination.\n\nHe notices your gaze, and smiles cruelly, causing you to blush.\n\n[[Take me, beautiful man. I am yours.]]\n[[On second thought, this seems like a bad idea.|Oh, shit! Get him the fuck away from me!]]\n
As you tear at his shirt, the thin fabric falling away without resistance, his teeth clamp down around your neck. The bite isn't hard enough to draw blood, and you feel nothing but pleasure. It's as if everything he does is capable of producing one reaction in you, and you're filled with the urge to push that theory to the limit. You want him, every part of him, and you want to see just how close to the limit he can take you.\n\n[[Uh, no, I don't.|Get out! Get out!]]\n[[Fuck yeah!]]
With a superhuman effort, you break free, leaping to your feet and leaving him with a stunned look on his face. Clearly he was not expecting your strength of will, and you have have a chance to escape now. The window of opportunity is narrow, but there's no way you're going to miss it, right?\n\n[[Right!]]\n[[Uh...]]
The room around you is unfamiliar. Thick, heavy curtains block the sunlight, and the only source of light is a struggling candle perched on a table in the centre of the room. It's too dark to make out much of anything else in the room.\n\n[[How did I get here?]]
You're not thinking of giving in now, are you? What's more important to you? Walking out that door, and going back to your boring, ordinary life?\n\nCome to think of it, you hate your life. Your job sucks, you friends suck, your love life stinks. Your family have been pestering you. You're broke. You're in debt, actually. There's nothing good waiting for you.\n\nBut that's still better than the best sex you've ever had, right?\n\n[[Right!]]\n[[Rip his shirt off!]]
As if in response you your resistance, the bonds around your wrists and ankles feel looser. Maybe it's just your imagination, but you really feel like you could slip out, if you really tried.\n\nTempted, you test that theory. Wriggling your hand, there is definitely some slack there. If you timed it just right...\n\n[[Oh, fuck it. Let him have me!|How can I say no?]]\n[[Get out! Get out!]]
You connect with furious passion, pleasure filling your body like lightning as you merge. The two of you move in perfect unison, like you've done this thousands of times. It's as if nothing the other does can surprise, and yet every motion is like the very first time. \n\nThe pleasure is overwhelming, and you can't think about anything else. As your bare flesh rubs up against his, and your hands claw against each other's backs, you begin to feel it.\n\n[[Feel it? Feel what?]]
The anticipation is nearly killing you. You can feel his breath against your skin, cool and light. The muscles in your back are tense, and you know he can see the pleading in your eyes.\n\nHe meets you gaze with an arrogant smirk, and lowers his mouth the final inch.\n\nThe first time his lips touch your skin, you suspect...\n\n[[This is going to be one hell of a night.]]\n[[Something is horribly wrong here.]]
A thin sheet covers you, expensive silk that feels exquisite against your bare flesh. With your limbs bound, though, it feels more like a crushing weight, pinning you in place.\n\n[[Fuck that! I'm getting out of here!]]\n[[Okay, breathe. Relax. I can think my way out of this.]]
As you look around, it occurs to you that you have no recollection of what happened last night- or the last week, for that matter. Other than a vague awareness that time has passed, the last seven days are completely blank. Still, you don't seem to be suffering in any way; you feel no pain, and aside from the drowsiness, you're in full possession of your mental faculties.\n\n[[Well, shit. I should probably get out of here.]]
Your struggling attracts the attention of the other occupant of the room. He steps out of the shadows, his expression a mixture of boredom and cruel joy. In the flickering light, you can see that he is beautiful - he has the bone structure of the old nobility, the pale skin only ever seen on the very wealthy, and dark, beguiling eyes that see everything. \n\n[[Oh, shit! Gimme a better look at him!]]\n[[Oh, shit! Get him the fuck away from me!]]
You push the imagine of the knife out of your mind, and focus on the beautiful lover currently wrapped around you. He pushes you, closer and closer, and it feels as though your body is going to shake apart, but you don't ever want him to stop.\n\nWhen you orgasm, it's unlike anything you've ever felt. It's like pleasure distilled to its rawest, most powerful form, and every nerve in your body is alive like it's never felt before. The sensation washes over you, an indescribable joy that lights the darkest corners of your mind. Every negative emotion you've ever felt is washed away, and you feel reborn anew, a stronger person.\n\nWhen the feeling finally subsides, the negativity doesn't return. It's as though those feelings have been stripped from you, robbed of their power. He's taken the darkest parts of you, and somehow, preserved everything you were.\n\n"You've suffered so much," he whispers, tenderly caressing your face. "I've never met someone quite as strong as you. I hope life treats you better, but if you ever need me, I'll always come back for you."\n\nTHE END\n\nThere are four other endings! Some happier than others. Play again, and see if you can reach them.\n\nHappy Valentine's Day~
Snow McNally\n@andyre
You're kidding, right? He's a demon. Do you even know what that means?\n\nSeriously, don't do this.\n\n[[Fuck you, I'm fighting him.]]\n[[Go around him!]]