Current Projects

Little Witch Story – Deluxe

A game about finding your place in a world that’s out to get you, and coming to terms with your identity.

CSitYHDVAAAOmXR - CopyMaid With Love

A cute, fun VN about friendship and romance in a maid cafe.


Games I’ve Worked On

astoriaAstoria: Fate’s Kiss

A mobile VN/Dating SIm by Voltage/AmeMix. I worked with them on Season 3 of Cerberus.

neonrainNeon Rain

Narrative Consultant for this episodic cyberpunk thriller.

Solo Projects

nwoNo Way Out

No Way Out explores the ideas of death and repetition in branching linear fiction, encouraging the player to persevere through multiple ‘failures’. Inspired by Choose Your Own Adventure works and roguelike games, the interactive fiction combines dark comedy with both science fiction and mystery.

lefhLethal Elevator From Hell

A jam game made using a randomly generated title. A short and funny look at my experiences with depression.


A small game I made in the process of teaching myself Twine 2.0.

Group Projects

lifethreatLife-Threatening Emergencies Won’t Fix The Hot Water

Made during Global Game Jam 2015. A point and click adventure game about life going on even amidst total chaos.

10373824_631862133606798_4247777968584600215_nSpeed Dating on the Citadel (delayed indefinitely)

I’m the lead writer for this loving fan-made dating sim set in Bioware’s Mass Effect universe.

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