FC-01-AltOh, hey! Didn’t see you there.

I’m just kidding, I typed this ages ago. I’m not actually talking to you right now. I’m talking to you from the past. No, that’s not true. This is just a landing page.

So, hi! My name is Snow. I generally just make stuff! If you wanna know more than that, I guess I have a little bio page thingy here. But you probably wanna know what I make, don’t you?

First of all, I write fiction. Most of it is queer, interesting and engaging. All of it is cheap. You can read a bunch of my stories for free here, support me on patreon here or buy an ebook on my Amazon page or on Gumroad.

I also make games! Predominately narrative games, so I hope you like reading. If you do, why not check them out?

So yeah. That’s me. Play my games, read my stories. Enjoy the fruits of my labour! Oh, and tell your friends.