Hello! You seem to have found my website. If you’ve just stumbled in by accident, welcome! Come in, take a load off. Can I offer you some tea? Are you comfortable? Good, because I want to tell you about the word of the Lord my work!

Don’t worry, I’m not a religious evangelist. If you’re disappointed, you’ve probably come to the wrong place. I make games and write stories, generally queer ones. In fact, almost exclusively queer ones. They’re pretty good, you should go check them out. Just click those links up top. I’ll wait.

All done? You just kept reading, didn’t you. Well, make sure you check them out later, okay?

So, my name is Snow, and I’m a writer, game designer and occasional advocate. As well as making cool things and putting them on the internet for free, I also like to talk about the important of making things accessible, diverse and inclusive. Oh, and I like you! So stick around, maybe we can be friends.